Tadeusz Machowski was born in 1955 in Lancut, Poland. Since his early childhood, his main passion was all kinds of art.He has been developing his talent by creating realistic landscapes for about twenty years. Then, inspired by early twentieth century art, Tadeusz started looking for some other kinds of depicting reality and expressing emotions. Drawing inspiration from artists that had been created between 1940 and 1960, he started to work on his own abstract style. Today we can be really impressed when looking at his current art. As if he is still searching and trying to use new, different techniques and themes, his works of art are characterized by diversity of forms. It makes his paintings difficult to classified. Incredible colours and compositions delighted many critics and collectors, who posses over 500 Tadeusz's artworks mostly in the USA and the EU.

About my art:

Why does the artist have to explain his works? The painting has to defend itself or not. Someone will either accept it or reject it. There is no rational reception of art. Reception of art is rather emotional.
My style grows from the legacy of abstract expressionism and the post-World War II American art movements, and through the decades of studying the masters’ techniques and transforming them to fit my own artistic sensibility, I hope, I have become their humble successor.
For me, painting is a never-ending experiment and a quest for more direct ways of expressing feelings and communicating with the world around me on a purely emotional level.
When I give away a painting, I give away a piece of myself along with hours of endeavours and frustration dashed with moments of incredible joy.

I believe in an instant reaction of the viewers to my works. The audience may adore them of hate them but it should never pass them indifferently.

Personal quote:

"The artist is a man who does not speak his lips but with the heart.".